Ancient Containers
Ancient Containers-icon
-Image © Zynga
Wine Bottle
Clay Jug
Ceramic Pot
IslandsMayan Isles:
Antler Island
Jaguar Passage
Secret Forest

Mayan Isles III:
Enchanted Land

Mayan Isles IV:
Three Pools
Branched Path
CoinsCoins 1000 coins
XPXP-icon 30
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The Ancient Containers set is a set of Treasure that can be found on Antler Island, Jaguar Passage, Secret Forest, Enchanted Land, Three Pools and Branched Path. This treasure set consist of five different containers: a Keg, Wine Bottle, Clay Jug, Ceramic Pot and a Pitcher.

Treasures Edit

AncientContainers Keg-icon
-Image © Zynga
Expired in the fourth hour of a three-hour tour.
Wine Bottle
AncientContainers Wine Bottle-icon
-Image © Zynga
The rare case when an empty wine bottle is cause for celebration.
Clay Jug
AncientContainers Clay Jug-icon
-Image © Zynga
Get juggy with it.
Ceramic Pot
AncientContainers Ceramic Pot-icon
-Image © Zynga
The very same pot that served the very same family the very same meal for a very long time.
AncientContainers Pitcher-icon
-Image © Zynga
A carved wooden container for liquids.

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