Apes of the Ages Information
Apes of the Ages map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Tiki Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 1
Extra Requirements Island Cash
Islands Ape-ollo 19
Donkey Chong
Emerald Island
2011 Ape Odyssey
Isle of the Apes
Queen Konga
Penned up Pirates
Impish Isles
Apes of the Ages
Monkey Mischief

Apes of the Ages is the 17th map in Treasure Isle. It was added on August 06, 2010

Treasure TableEdit

Treasures Finish Bonus Replay
Donkey Chong Sockies-iconCoconut Crafts-iconSimian Treasures-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 105 Map Fragment 20 Reward treasurechest 37
Emerald Island Barrel O' Monkeys-iconYellow Hat-iconSimian Treasures-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 35 Map Fragment 5 Reward treasurechest 7
Ape-ollo 19 Barrel O' Monkeys-iconYellow Hat-iconMonkey Money-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 70 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 16
2011 Ape Odyssey Sockies-iconMonkey Flush-iconPrimate Relics-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 70 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 9
Isle of the Apes Banana Stuff-iconMonkey Flush-iconPrimate Relics-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 40 Map Fragment 10 Reward treasurechest 11
Queen Konga Sockies-iconMonkey Flush-iconSimian Treasures-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 155 Map Fragment 50 Cash 13 cash
Penned Up Pirates Barrel O' Monkeys-iconCoconut Crafts-iconMonkey Money-iconTailstrong's Uniform-icon XP-icon 200 Map Fragment 70 Cash 16 cash

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