The Backpack is the most important equipment of the adventurer, it stores every item acquired in the journey: fragments, gems, materials, decorations, animals and others. The backpack has a limit so resource management becomes more and more necessary with the increase in levels. The initial limit is 250 items expansions are offered in different ways. The backpack limit now (March 2011) is 600 (+ extra spaces from balloons).

Backpack Expansion Edit

Extra spaces are available in packs of 5, 25 and 100 spaces, they are bought with cash or available for free after inviting friends to play the game.

Backpack 5-icon Backpack 25-icon Backpack 100-icon
Cash 5 cash or Invite 1 friend. Cash 20 cash or Invite 3 friends. Cash 50 cash or Invite 5 friends.

Balloons Edit

Main article: Balloons

Balloons adds 10 extra spaces. They were available as a Limited Edition, now only some are available on the Hot Deals and the Locked Treasure Chests. Since Valentine 2011 there is a Hearth Balloon available for 500,000 which also adds 10 extra spaces.

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