Gives you 10 energy.
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Banana is an item that replenishes Energy. Using the banana restores 10 energy. The banana expires in 4 days and then must be "tossed".

  • It can also be sent or received as a Gift or collected from the News Feed.
  • You can place Banana Trees on your island which can be harvested each day and yield one (1) banana.

Expired StateEdit

Banana Expired-icon

Other UsesEdit

Bananas can be used to bribe Bouncers in the Monkey Palace. Instead of Gem Statues or Gates, Monkey Palace has Gorilla Bouncers that must be bribed with bananas before you can pass. If you run out of bananas, clicking on a Bouncer will allow you to request a Banana Bunch on the News Feed. Banana Bunch is just a stack of three (3) bananas.


Share via Treasure Mastery

Share Treasure Mastery Explorer mastered in the Treasure collection in Treasure Isle!

Explorer is sharing a huge reward from mastering a collection of artifacts!

Share via Fruit Crate

Share Fruit Crate Explorer discovered a Fruit Crate in Treasure Isle!

Eating fruit helps us to dig up loot! There are only a few left, so Explorer is sharing the crate with anyone who just can't wait!

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