Banquet Table-icon
Availability Thanksgiving Event
Dates 11/16/2010-11/30/2010
Currency RSVP
Point Pack Item Thanksgiving Basket
Trade-in Rewards
Points Reward
RSVP-icon 5 RSVPs Sunflowers
RSVP-icon 12 RSVPs 1 of Each Gem
RSVP-icon 15 RSVPs Cheese Platter
RSVP-icon 20 RSVPs Pumpkin Pie
RSVP-icon 25 RSVPs Turkey Feast
RSVP-icon 150 RSVPs Giant Pig Float
Construction Stages
Currency Total Appearance
RSVP-icon 0 RSVPs Banquet Table Stage 1-icon
RSVP-icon 10 RSVPs Banquet Table Stage 2-icon
RSVP-icon 25 RSVPs Banquet Table Stage 3-icon
RSVP-icon 50 RSVPs Banquet Table Stage 4-icon
RSVP-icon 150 RSVPs Banquet Table Complete-icon
Stage Rewards
Stage 2 5x Cheese Platter
Stage 3 5x Pumpkin Pie
Stage 4 5x Turkey Feast
Stage 5 Banana Tree

The Banquet Table is a decoration that transforms as players collect RSVPs. After collecting RSVPs the player may use them as a type of currency to get rewards. Clicking on the Banquet Table would let the player ask for one Thanksgiving Basket every 12 hours, and when used, would give the player 5-25 number of RSVPs. The player could also ask Neighbors for RSVPs or purchase them: 1/2 Island Cash or 10/19 Island Cash. The player could also get 1 RSVP for tending a Neighbors' Banquet Table. RSVP was also available on the Gifts list.



Thanksgiving Basket

Thanksgiving Basket-icon

At each stage of construction, the Banquet Table would award the player with a number of items, including the rare Banana Tree. At placement and at each stage of construction, the player was offered to share Energy items on the News Feed. Upon purchase of any item, the player was also allowed to share ONE of that item on the News Feed.

Trade-in Rewards Edit

A bundle of sunflowers
One of Each Gem-icon
1 of each gem
Cheese Platter-icon
Gives 5 energy
Pumpkin Pie-icon
Gives 10 energy
Turkey Feast-icon
Gives 25 energy
Giant Pig Float-icon
World's fattest pig (+3 max energy)
150 RSVPs

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