Blue Chest Key
Blue Chest Key-icon
Opens a locked blue chest!
Island Cash-icon 3

Blue Chest Keys are items you need to open the series of Blue Chests, including Rugged Chests, Charming Chests, and Royal Chests.

Rugged Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest
Charming Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest
Royal Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest
  • Blue Chest Keys can be purchased in the Store for Cash 3 cash.
  • You can find them by Digging.
  • They can be found by playing the Monkey Nut side-game.
  • They can also be found inside the series of Blue Chest, or in the Red Locked Chest.
  • When you find a Blue Chest, you can also ask for Blue Chest Keys from your Neighbors via the News Feed.
  • If you don't have enough Blue Chest Keys to open a Blue Chest in your inventory, you can "Ask For Keys" from your Neighbors by clicking "Use" on the item.

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