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Buildings are Decorations you place at your Home Island. Buildings come in five general types:
  • Relics, which give a bonus
  • Event Buildings, which collect point items that you can trade in for items
  • Voyage Buildings, which open new maps for you to explore when completed
  • Simple Buildings, which are not built with materials, and most do not give bonuses
  • Storage Buildings, offer secondary storage space


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Relics are Buildings that you construct using Materials. When completed, Relics grant either a Max Energy bonus, or offer a daily bonus you can collect by clicking on the Relic. The list of Relics includes:

Daily BonusEdit

Most Relics give a permanent max energy increase of +3 or more, but some Relics can be harvested daily (every 20 hours). Most harvestable Relics seem to give the same common items, but each Relic draws rewards from its own list. The Tiki Fire Relic also often gives colorful Tiki Head decorations.

Event BuildingsEdit

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Event Buildings are structures that you place at the beginning of special events, such as holidays. Event Buildings are a container of sorts for a special item which you collect from the News Feed or your Neighbors. When you get so many of that special item, your Event Building is upgraded. At any time during the event, you may trade in quantities of that special item to buy things. Each Event Building offers six different Trade-in Rewards to choose from, each requiring a higher amount of whatever that special item is. The list of Event Buildings includes:

Voyage BuildingsEdit

Voyage Buildings are Decorations you can place on your Home Island and when construction is complete, offer up voyages to new Maps. Some look like vehicles of different sorts, while others might actually be some kind of animal you train to unlock those Maps. By voyaging to these new Maps the player gains Mastery Levels and access to exclusive items. The list of Voyage Buildings includes:

In addition to the Voyage Buildings above, placeable trophies can also be used to enter special islands and ask for key items:

Simple BuildingsEdit

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There are a large variety of Buildings that are nothing more than Decorations. These items are usually purchased from the Store or are rare rewards from Monkey Nut, Locked Chest or other reward systems. Every player starts with a Round Hut on their Home Island.

Some of the Buildings you can buy in the Store also give Max Energy bonuses, or even increase the storage capacity of your Backpack.

Storage BuildingsEdit

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While some Simple Buildings offer increased Backpack capacity, Storage Buildings offer an entirely different place to store your stuff. The list of this kind of Building is very short:

See AlsoEdit

  • For a list of Materials required for each Building, see the Plans article.
  • For a breakdown of which Buildings are constructed with what, see Materials.

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