Charming Chest
Charming Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest

The Charming Chest is a Rare item that can be found by Digging or using the Wishing Well. It is actually found inside the Rugged Chest.

Dialog Edit

Charming Chest-ss

How To Open ItEdit

Chests you have found will be located in your Backpack. The Charming Chest requires four Blue Chest Keys to open. When you first find the chest, you will be asked to either "Open Chest!" or to "Ask For Keys" from your Neighbors. Blue Chest Keys can also be purchased at the Store.

Blue Chest Key-icon
Open a blue locked chest!
Island Cash-icon 3

Blue Chest Keys can also be found inside the Rugged Chest and probably the Charming Chest.


Charming Chests contain a large variety of items, mostly uncommon and common, but contain better prizes than the Rugged Chest. Common reported prizes include the various Golden Fruits and Collection items from the Exceptional Vessels set. Others report getting packs of Red Chest Keys, or the decoration item Azure Chest, which does not contain anything; its just a decoration. Also the Royal Chest can be found inside the Charming Chest.

Charming Chest Open-ss

3x Kiwis 2x Golden Mangoes
Royal Chest 2x Golden Pineapples
Exceptional Vessels


Post in the comments below what YOU have found in the Charming Chest!

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