Clam Beds Information
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Continent Collections Treasures
Atlantis World-icon Crustaceans-iconSubmarine Repair-iconWater Samples-icon Reward treasurechest 30
XP-icon 400
Map Requirements Replay
Deep Sea II Pirate Pearls in Perils Quest Map Fragment 25

Treasures Edit

Crustaceans-icon Crustaceans Crab-icon Crustaceans Gaetanus-icon Crustaceans Shackletonia-icon Crustaceans Shovel Nosed Lobster-icon Crustaceans Shrimp-icon
v  d  e
Uncommon   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 30
Submarine Repair
Submarine Repair-icon Submarine Repair Rudder-icon Submarine Repair Crankshaft-icon Submarine Repair Wires-icon Submarine Repair Periscope-icon Submarine Repair Welder-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 30
Water Samples
Water Samples-icon Water Samples Abyss-icon Water Samples Deep Sea-icon Water Samples Midnight-icon Water Samples Sunlight-icon Water Samples Twilight-icon
v  d  e
Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 30

Tiles & Energy Cost Edit

Tool Tiles Energy
Steelshovel-icon ? Energy-icon Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "?". energy

Gallery Edit


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