Cursed Emerald Bonus! Description
Upload File:Cursed Emerald Bonus! Victory-icon.png
Now that you've found the Emerald go back and explore the rest of the maps!
Gold Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:
Coins ? coins
XP-icon 60
9 Pineapples
Coins 1,000 coins
XP-icon 40
6 Pineapples
Coins 500 coins
XP-icon 20
3 Pineapples
The Cursed City
Cursed Emerald Bonus!

Tasks Edit

Get 100% Completion on Beasts Beware. Cash 24 cash
Get 100% Completion on Menacing Marsh. Cash 24 cash
Get 100% Completion on Fallen Palace. Cash 24 cash

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