The Daily Energy Pack Bonus is an item that is sent to the player via e-mail. If the player decides to accept this offer, by clicking on the link, the item is placed into the player's inventory. Players have 24 hours to claim the pack after the e-mail is sent. This pack is not a full Energy Pack, but are randomly selected smaller packs that have different colors and look like some kind of candy. Each color gives different amounts of Energy.

Bonus Energy 15-icon
Recovers 15 Energy
Bonus Energy 20-icon
Recovers 20 Energy
Bonus Energy 25-icon
Recovers 25 Energy
Bonus Energy 40-icon
Recovers 40 Energy

Sign Up For Daily Energy BonusesEdit

To sign up to receive the daily email bonus, open the Store menu and click the Energy tab. You should find an entry for "Energy E-mail".

Energy Email Signup

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