Deep Sea 2 Information
Upload File:Deep Sea 2 map.png
Continent Atlantis (archipelago)
Level Range 10
Extra Requirements Submarine
Islands Pearl Depot
Tentacle Trench
Clam Beds
Pearl Caves
Marine Park
The Atlantis Gate
The Deep Sea
Deep Sea 2
Seahorse Haven

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Pearl Depot Mermaid Trinkets-iconTiny Creatures-iconCrustaceans-iconWater Samples-icon XP-icon 400 +/- 38 Map Fragment 25 Level 10
Tentacle Trench Shark Proof-iconOcean Carvings-iconStarfish (collection)-iconLost Dive Gear-icon XP-icon 400


Map Fragment 25 Level 10
Clam Beds Water Samples-iconCrustaceans-iconSubmarine Repair-icon XP-icon 400 Map Fragment 25 Level 10
Pearl Caves Lost Dive Gear-iconCrustaceans-iconWater Samples-icon XP-icon 400 Map Fragment 25 Level 10
Marine Park Starfish (collection)-iconOcean Carvings-iconDeep Sea Creatures-icon XP-icon 400 36 Map Fragment 25 Level 10
The Atlantis Gate Shark Proof-iconLost Dive Gear-iconTiny Creatures-icon XP-icon 400 Map Fragment 25 Level 10

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