Desert Island Hideaway Description
Upload File:Desert Island Hideaway Victory-icon.png
The Forgotten Vaults are said to have an endless well filled with items.
Gold Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:
Coins ? coins
XP-icon 205
10 Pineapples
Coins ? coins
XP-icon 125
8 Pineapples
Coins 1,225 coins
XP-icon 50
5 Pineapples
Infiltrate the Pirate Base
Desert Island Hideaway
Pirate Pursuit

Tasks Edit

Peg Leg-icon Get 5 Peg Legs. Post Feed. Cash 30 cash
Survey Crew-icon Assemble Pirate Crew. Ask 4 Friends. Cash 24 cash
Complete the Forgotten Vaults. Make sure to check every square inch. Cash 39 cash
Find the Treasure Podium. Find the Treasure Podium on Forgotten Vaults, costs Energy-icon 5 energy. Cash 4 cash

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