Dragonfruit is an item that replenishes Energy. Using the dragonfruit restores 45 energy. The dragonfruit does not expire.

  • Dragonfruit is a reward for various Treasure Mastery levels , and can be shared on the News Feed.
    • Mastery 4 on a Common collection
    • Mastery 3 on a Uncommon collection
    • Mastery 2 on a Rare collection
    • Mastery 1 on a Very Rare collection
  • Dragonfruit can be obtained by Gardening. Seeds cost Cash 4 cash. Crops are ready in 24 hours.
Dragonfruit seeds-icon
Harvest in: 1 Days Gives 45 Energy
Island Cash-icon 4


Share via Treasure Mastery

Share Treasure Mastery Explorer mastered in the Treasure collection in Treasure Isle!

Explorer is sharing a huge reward from mastering a collection of artifacts!

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