This guide is still being worked on. Any contributions are apreciated. If you want to make a suggestion on what should be explained here leave a message for one of the admins on their talk page.

Adding and Editing Treasure Sets Edit

There are three steps in adding a treasure set:

First step: Create the set template.

This Template will be used on most pages that the treasure set appear, this template is named under the same name of the set for example for the Tiki Statues the template name will be Template:Tiki Statues. if the name is also used for another item already in place in the wiki use (collection) in front of the name, this way the template name would be Template:Tiki Statues (collection).

This Template will sere as base for the sets on the Treasures page where locations are show and on the many island pages where the locations are hidden.

To create this template we will use another named Template:Treasureset2. the base code for template is below, for full details on how to use the template see the page mentioned before.

|name =
|images =
|loc =
|other1 =
|other2 =
}} }}</onlyinclude>

|name = 
|images = 
|other1 = 
|other2 =
}} }}</onlyinclude>

<onlyinclude>{{#if:{{{locs|}}}|  #include locations here   }}</onlyinclude>

[[Category:Treasure Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

If the files are named exactly "collection_name collectible_name-icon" then the images variable may be substituted for the following code were every variable is the name of one of the treasures that are part of the set.

|col1 = 
|col2 = 
|col3 = 
|col4 = 
|col5 = 

To change the locations show in the pages the Template for the respective set must be edited not the Locations=1 variable that is used when setting the template

After setting the template we can take the next step.

Second Step: Create the Treasure Set Page

For creation of the treasure page three templates are used Template:TreasureInfo, Template:Treasureset and Template:TreasuresetNav.

Check every page on how to use them, you may use any already existent page as a guide on how to do it we will add a base code as soon as possible.

Third Step: Add the collection on the Treasures page and on their main category treasure page.

To add a collection on the main treasure page use the code:

[File:''collection_name''-icon.png|link=''collection_name'']]<br />[[''collection_name'']]

this code will be inserted in one of the tables already set on the page or in a new table for a new category if needed.

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