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Emerald Island
Emerald Island-icon
-Image © Zynga
ReplayMap Fragment 5
Treasure SetsBarrel O' Monkeys
Yellow Hat
Simian Treasures
Tailstrong's Uniform
RewardXP-icon 35
Special Sites
x1 Gem Gate2 Monkey Gates
ContinentApes of the Ages
AreaTiki Isles (archipelago)
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Reward treasurechest 9


Barrel O' Monkeys
Barrel O' Monkeys-icon Barrel Blue Monkey-icon Barrel Green Monkey-icon Barrel Barrel-icon Barrel Red Monkey-icon Barrel Yellow Monkey-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward coins 1000 gold     XP-icon 30

Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat-icon YellowHat Ball-icon YellowHat Balloon-icon YellowHat Bike-icon YellowHat Ether-icon YellowHat Yellow Hat-icon
v  d  e
Uncommon   Reward goldbars 2500 gold     XP-icon 60

Simian Treasures
Simian Treasures-icon SimianTreasures Bronze Bongos-icon SimianTreasures Crystal Barrel-icon SimianTreasures Diamond Mango-icon SimianTreasures Golden Banana-icon SimianTreasures Silver Coconut-icon
v  d  e
Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

Tailstrong's Uniform
Tailstrong's Uniform-icon Tailstrong Space Boots-icon Tailstrong Space Gloves-icon Tailstrong Space Helmet-icon Tailstrong Space Suit-icon Tailstrong MASA Badge-icon
v  d  e
Ultra Rare   XP-icon 250     Space Capsule

Energy CostEdit

97 total tiles = 756 total energy

Tool Tiles Energy
Steelshovel-icon 27 Energy-icon 135 energy 
Machete-icon 43 Energy-icon 301 energy 
Pickaxe-icon 26 Energy-icon 260 energy 
Magnifying Glass-icon 6 Energy-icon 60 energy

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