Energy Pack-icon

The Energy Pack restores the Energy Bar to its Maximum value.

  • It can be purchased for 10 Island Cash in the Store. It will then be found in your Backpack.
  • The Energy Pack can also be requested via the News Feed.
  • One Energy Pack can be obtained from the Store for free every 23 hours. On the Energy tab you can find "FREE Energy Refill" listed. Click the BUY button to instantly replenish energy. When not available, a timer is displayed showing the duration until you can get another free Energy Pack.
Energy Refill
Instantly refills your energy!
Island Cash-icon 10
FREE energy refill
Get FREE energy!
Add +1 Neighbor


Player can also request for Energy Pack once per day.

Share Energy pack-icon Adventurer needs an energy pack in Treasure Isle!
Adventurer may run out of energy and is collecting more to keep digging.