An Event Store is a placeable Decoration that the Explorer can use to collect special Currency items. Each Event Store offers six items which are Trade-in Rewards for that special Currency item.

The list of Event Stores includes:

Image Currency Currency Pack
Halloween Pumpkin-icon
Happy Halloween!
Halloween Treat-icon
A treat used for your Pumpkin
Golden Pumpkin-icon
Contains a mystery treat!
Banquet Table-icon
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving banquet RSVP
Thanksgiving Basket-icon
Thanksgiving goodies!
Gift Stand-icon
Save BIG on Black Friday!
Black Balloon-icon
A balloon for Black Friday
Shopping Bag-icon
Black Friday gifts!
Holiday Tree-icon
Holiday Tree
A gift for your holiday tree
Christmas Stocking-icon
Filled with gifts and treats!
New Year's Ball-icon
Happy New Year!
A gift for your party
Party Favor-icon
Filled with party supplies!
Happy Winter!
A gift for your snowman
Magic Top Hat-icon
Magic Top Hat
Kissing Booth-icon
Happy Valentine's Day!
Coins As Item-icon 5,000
A gift for your Kissing Booth
Gift Bag-icon
Gift Bag

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