Experience Points
(XP) are necessary to level up in Treasure Isle. Climbing to higher Levels will unlock new items, new Islands, and recharge your Energy level. Listed below are a few ways to earn XP in Treasure Isle.

Earning Experience PointsEdit

  • Helping Neighbors will earn XP-icon 10 . Plus, the Player can also visit those who have not accepted the Player's request - just go to the "My Neighbors" tab and there will be a prompt to visit their islands.
  • Every time you dig for Treasures, you will get XP. Some plots offer just one point while others offer more.
  • When you complete an island, you will be rewarded with experience points. How many XP will depend on the island.
  • Once you have accumulated a set of Treasures, you’ll earn more experience points.
  • If you purchase some items for your Home Island, you’ll also be rewarded with experience points.