Fish is just one category of Energy replenishing item. Like Fruit, using fish replenishes a set amount of energy. Each Fish has an expiration time, except for The Big One.

  • Fish are found by Fishing at Fishing Spots.
  • While Fishing, there is also a chance to find extra fish via the Sunken Treasure pop-up. This pop-up usually offers a choice of 3 items, one sometimes being a type of fish.

Types of FishEdit

A complete list of energy replenishing fish items can be found on the Energy page.

Fish MasteryEdit

Like Treasures, each type of fish has its own Mastery Level. By finding a certain number of any one type of fish, you reach a new Mastery Level. You can share your new Mastery Level via the News Feed. The reward is often a type of Bait, used for Fishing.

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