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Go fishing!
Coins As Item-icon 3,500

Fishing is a feature introduced on November 15th 2010. Fishing requires the use of a Strong Fishing Pole and Baits. Fishing costs Energy-icon 12 energy and is done at Fishing Spots which are located on your Home Island and at your Neighbors' Islands. By clicking on the Fishing Spots or on the Hook icon on your toolbar, your character will move toward the nearest Fishing Spot and begin fishing.

  • Five new collections were introduced with this feature. These Treasures are found by fishing.
  • Each Fish also has its own Mastery levels.
  • Fish are also Energy replenishing items, and are used just like Fruit. A complete list of Fish and their values can be found on the Energy page.
  • While Fishing, there is also a chance to find extra rewards via the Sunken Treasure pop-up. This pop-up usually offers a choice of 3 items, one sometimes being a type of Fish or Bait.

Fish List Edit

Each type of Fish can be used to replenish a different amount of Energy.

Rainbow Trout-icon
Rainbow Trout
Red Snapper-icon
Red Snapper
Sea Bass-icon
Sea Bass
Mahi Mahi-icon
Mahi Mahi
Yellowfin Tuna-icon
Yellowfin Tuna
The Big One-icon
The Big One

Bait ListEdit

Each type of Bait is used for a different Fishing Spot and yields different Fish and Treasures.

Basic Bait-icon
Basic Bait
Good Bait-icon
Good Bait
Special Bait-icon
Special Bait
Magic Bait-icon
Magic Bait


Name Image Type XP Energy
Anchovy Fish 1 4
Sardine Fish 2 7
Rainbow Trout Fish 3 10
Red Snapper Fish 4 13
Sea Bass Fish 5 16
Mahi Mahi Fish 6 19
Salmon Fish 7 22
Catfish Fish 8 30
Yellowfin Tuna Fish 9 60
Swordfish Fish 10 100
The Big One Fish 60 250
Bottom of the Sea Junk Collection 1 None
The Petite Fish Lady Collection 5 None
Marine Plants Collection ? None
Sea Creatures Collection ? None
Sea Monsters Collection ? None
Monkey Nut Pop-up 0 None
Sunken Treasure Pop-up 0 Depends on choise
Lost Herd Pop-up 0 None
Rugged Chest Item/Pop-up 0 None
Red Locked Chest Item/Pop-up 0 None

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