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Fishing TreasuresEdit


Bottom of the Sea Junk
Bottom of the Sea Junk-icon SeaJunk Old Toothpaste-icon SeaJunk Rusty Bucket-icon SeaJunk Old Can-icon SeaJunk Board with Nail-icon SeaJunk Stinky Boot-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward coins 1000 gold     XP-icon 30

Marine Plants
Marine Plants-icon MarinePlants Brain Coral-icon MarinePlants Caulerpa Racemosa-icon MarinePlants Favia-icon MarinePlants Finger Coral-icon MarinePlants Red Algae-icon
v  d  e
Uncommon   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

Sea Creatures
Sea Creatures-icon SeaCreatures Anemone-icon SeaCreatures Jellyfish-icon SeaCreatures Nudibranch-icon SeaCreatures Octopus-icon SeaCreatures Starfish-icon
v  d  e
Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters-icon SeaMonsters Hydra-icon SeaMonsters Jormungandr-icon SeaMonsters Kraken-icon SeaMonsters Leviathan-icon SeaMonsters Scylla-icon
v  d  e
Ultra Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

The Petite Fish Lady
The Petite Fish Lady-icon PetiteLady Candle-icon PetiteLady Fork-icon PetiteLady Music Box-icon PetiteLady Snarfblat-icon PetiteLady Thingamabob-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

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