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-Image © Zynga
Start Date:June 9, 2010
End Date:June 14, 2010
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Flags were Decorations offered for a limited time from June 9th to 14th, 2010. They each cost Cash 12 cash and rewarded XP-icon 75.

Items Edit

Flag earth-iconEarth Flag treasureisle-iconTreasure Flag zynga-iconZynga Flag usa-iconUSA Flag uk-iconUK
Flag australia-iconAustralia Flag austria-iconAustria Flag belgium-iconBelgium Flag brazil-iconBrazil Flag canada-iconCanada
Flag china-iconChina Flag denmark-iconDenmark Flag france-iconFrance Flag germany-iconGermany Flag greek-iconGreece
Flag india-iconIndia Flag indonesia-iconIndonesia Flag ireland-iconIreland Flag italy-iconItaly Flag japan-iconJapan
Flag malaysia-iconMalaysia Flag mexico-iconMexico Flag newzealand-iconNew Zealand Flag norway-iconNorway Flag philippines-iconPhilippines
Flag portugal-iconPortugal Flag russia-iconRussia Flag singapore-iconSingapore Flag spain-iconSpain Flag sweden-iconSweden
Flag switzerland-iconSwitzerland Flag thailand-iconThailand Flag turkey-iconTurkey

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