Fruit Salad-icon

Fruit Salad was a Cross-Game promotional item. Like the Energy Pack it restored 100% Energy and never expired.

To get the Fruit Salad, the player had to Dig while out of, or low on Energy.

Fruit Salad-icon Get a FREE Fruit Salad energy pack for leveling up in Cafe World ! It’s easy, cook up a masterpiece!

By clicking "Go to my Cafe!" the player was taken to Cafe World and all they had to do was gain a level (minimum level 5). They would then be offered a link back to Treasure Isle where they would be awarded the Fruit Salad.

Fruit Salad-icon Congratulations ! The Cafe Fruit Salad Energy Pack is in your backpack. Share the news! Happy Hunting!

By clicking on the "Share" button, the player could get others to play Treasure Isle via the News Feed.

Fruit Salad-icon Explorer earned a FREE Cafe Energy Pack by visiting Cafe World!

I visited Cafe World and was rewarded can get some too!

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