Gems are special Key items. They can be found in many different ways, and are used to open Gem Gates. Gems do not take up space in the Backpack. They are also used to upgrade your treasure chest.

Blue Gem-iconGreen Gem-iconOrange Gem-iconPurple Gem-iconRed Gem-icon

Gem GatesEdit

Gem Gates come in varying complexities, requiring 1 or more Gems of any one color. Gem Gates are placed in strategic positions on many Maps to obstruct the Explorer's path.

Gemgate tiki blueGemgate tiki5 blueGemgate tiki10 blueGemgate Pirate1 BlueGemgate Pirate5 Blue

Gem TreesEdit

Gems can be collected from the Gem Tree on the explorer's Home Island or by tending Gem Trees on Neighbors' Home Islands. These trees can be harvested daily and yield one Gem of the color of the tree. Once harvested, you can share the rest via the News Feed.

Gemtree blue-iconGemtree green-iconGemtree orange-iconGemtree purple-iconGemtree red-icon

Other SourcesEdit

They can be given as Gifts. You can also find Gems while Digging, Fishing or using the Wishing Well, either directly or through pop-ups like Treasure Trove or Sunken Treasure. They can also be shared with Neighbors via the News Feed whenever they are found.

Many Relics you construct on your Home Island often yield Gems, as does the Gem Mine which gives up to 5 of one gem color, chosen daily by the Explorer.

You can also find Gems in various quantities by opening Locked Chests, playing the Monkey Nut side-game, or by finishing special Maps such as Fire God Mountain or Monkey Palace.

Bags containing 1 of each Gem are common Trade-in Rewards from seasonal Buildings such as the Kissing Booth or Snowman.

Gems can be purchased from the Store in various quanties:

Image Item Cost/Source Image Item Cost/Source
5 Blue Gems-icon 5 Blue Gems Island Cash-icon 8 5 Green Gems-icon 5 Green Gems Island Cash-icon 8
5 Orange Gems-icon 5 Orange Gems Island Cash-icon 8 5 Purple Gems-icon 5 Purple Gems Island Cash-icon 8
5 Red Gems-icon 5 Red Gems Island Cash-icon 8 One of Each Gem-icon 1 of Each Gem Island Cash-icon 8
5 of Each Gem-icon 5 of Each Gem Island Cash-icon 39 10 of Each Gem-icon 10 of Each Gem Island Cash-icon 77

20 of Each Gem-icon

20 of Each Gem Unknown

Cafe World Gem Cake Promo Edit

You can earn Gems for use in Treasure Isle by playing Cafe World. To earn the Gems, enter the Store and go to the Gems tab. Find the Gem Cake item and click "Visit" to be taken to Cafe World. You then bake the "Gem Cake" in Cafe World, and when it is ready, simply serve 5 of them. Baking the cake takes 12 hours. You must attain Level 7 in Cafe World before you can bake the Gem Cake.

Gemcake Promo

Gemcake Cafe Item

Fruit gemcake

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Status
Blue Gem share-icon Explorer found Blue Gems in Treasure Isle!
Explorer discovered gems and saved one for you!
Request Red Gem Explorer needs Blue Gems in Treasure Isle!
Gates won't open by dreaming and wishin' which is why Explorer needs gems for an expedition!
Request Blue Gems Chest

Explorer need some Blue Gems to complete their Upgraded Treasure Chest
I'm putting together a Upgraded Treasure Chest in Treasure Isle! I want your help! I need Blue Gems and will give bonus coins in return!

One of Each Gem-icon

Explorer just got Bag of Gems and has one to share!
There's only one Bag of Gems available, so grab it quick!

Blue Gem share-icon

Explorer found a few Gem Name to share!
Explorer dug up some gems to share, but there are only a few left!

Blue Gem share-icon

Explorer found Gem Name in Treasure Isle!
Explorers unlock gates with shiny gems! It's a good thing that Explorer saved you one of them!

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