Get Diving Certified Description
Get Diving Certified Victory-icon
-Image © Zynga
Now that you've got your suit, let's try it out. Working underwater means oxygen is just as important as energy!
Gold Reward
Complete in:24 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:48 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:336 hours
Coins 4,240 coins
XP-icon 105
Oxygen Bottle-icon
Two Oxygen Bottles
Coins 2,545 coins
XP-icon 60
Oxygen Bottle-icon
One Oxygen Bottle
Coins 1,020 coins
XP-icon 40
King Crab and the Diving Bell
Get Diving Certified
Help the Mermaids

Tasks Edit

Diving Manual Pages-icon Gather 5 missing pages from Diving Manual Ask friends posting the request on your wall. Cash 30 cash
Shark-icon Save Mermaids from sharks. Clear 2 shark gates Cash 14 cash Complete the above objectives.
Wreck-icon Search wrecks for treasure. Clear 4 wrecks Cash 16 cash Complete the above objectives.
Bubbleplant-icon Dig up bubble fruits. Clear 3 bubble fruits Cash 10 cash Complete the above objectives.

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