Ghostbeard's Boo-ty Voyages-icon

Ghostbeard's Boo-ty is one of the Pirate Ghostship Voyages. It requires 2 crew members.

Mastery Edit

Rewards have been substantially increased since the end of the Halloween Event.

Mastery Level Reward Mastery Level Reward
GhostBeard's Boo-ty Bronze-icon Ghost Beard's Ghostly Bundle-icon
5 treats + 6 Ghost Apple
GhostBeard's Boo-ty Silver-icon Ghost Beard's Big Ghostly Bundle-icon
10 treats + 10 Ghost Apple
GhostBeard's Booty Gold-icon

Ghost Beard's Epic Ghostly Bundle-icon
15 treats + 16 Ghost Apple
+ Ghostbeard

GhostBeard's Boo-ty Platinum-icon Mystery Gift-icon
Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift ContentsEdit


Voyage Bonuses Edit

Bonus Image XP and Items
Nothing 3 XP
Gold! Coins 5XP + 300-1000 Coins
Ghost Apple! Ghost Apple-icon 6 XP + 1 Ghost Apple
Ghost Apple! Ghostbeard Apple Feed-icon 15 XP + 1 Trick Candy
Ghost Posession! Ghostbeard Possessed Feed-icon 15 XP + 1 Trick Candy
Spooky Assault Ghostbeard Ghost Feed-icon 15 XP + 1 Trick Candy
Slimed! Ghostbeard Slime Feed-icon 15 XP + 1 Trick Candy
Sea of Lost Ships Ghostbeard Mist Feed-icon 15 XP + 1 Trick Candy

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Message Reward
Ghostbeard Apple Feed-icon Explorer found ghostly fruit!
I've got a ghost apple to share with you! It's probably not haunted.
Ghost Apple-icon
Ghostbeard Possessed Feed-icon Explorer is possessed!
"Click here to see the funniest video" - No! That's not me! Ghostbeard the Pirate is trying to take me over! Help!
Trick Candy-icon
Ghostbeard Ghost Feed-icon Explorer stirred up a whole ghost of trouble!
Who am I gonna call? No seriously, I lost the phone number! Help!
Trick Candy-icon
Ghostbeard Slime Feed-icon Explorer got slimed!
Yuck, they slimed me good! Help me get rid of all this gunk!
Trick Candy-icon
Ghostbeard Mist Feed-icon Explorer needs a ghost of a chance.
I'm getting confused with all these wrecks in the mist. Can you help me navigate?
Trick Candy-icon

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