God Statues
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-Image © Zynga
CollectionsJaguar God
Sun God
Hail God
Snake God
Thunder God
IslandsMayan Isles:
Secret Forest
Jaguar Passage
Serpent Dream
Mayan Isles IV:
Silent Forest
Three Pools
Branched Path
CoinsCoins 2500 coins
XPXP-icon 60
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The God Statues set is a set of treasures consisting of five collectibles of statues of Mayan gods. These are the Jaguar God, Sun God, Hail God, Snake God, and the Thunder God.

Treasures Edit

Jaguar God
GodStatues JaguarGod-icon
-Image © Zynga
One of the many jaguar gods that oversees the underworld.
Sun God
GodStatues SunGod-icon
-Image © Zynga
Ah Kin is also the god of doubt and pines for the moon goddess Acna.
Hail God
GodStatues HailGod-icon
-Image © Zynga
Chaac brings the hail by splitting clouds open with his lightning axe.
Snake God
GodStatues SnakeGod-icon
-Image © Zynga
Gukumatz was the chairman of the committee to create people.
Thunder God
GodStatues ThunderGod-icon
-Image © Zynga
Ah Peku would ride storm clouds like a motorcycle.

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