Halloween Pumpkin-icon
Availability Halloween Event
Dates 10/10/2010-11/10/2010
Currency Halloween Treat
Point Pack Item Golden Pumpkin
Trade-in Rewards
Points Reward
Halloween Treat-icon 5 Treats Jack o' Lantern
Halloween Treat-icon 10 Treats Pumpkin and Hay
Halloween Treat-icon 20 Treats Skull
Halloween Treat-icon 30 Treats Tombstone
Halloween Treat-icon 50 Treats Scarecrow
Halloween Treat-icon 150 Treats Mausoleum
Construction Stages
Currency Total Appearance
Halloween Treat-icon 0 Treats Halloween Pumpkin Stage 1-icon
Halloween Treat-icon 10 Treats Halloween Pumpkin Stage 2-icon
Halloween Treat-icon 25 Treats Halloween Pumpkin Stage 3-icon
Halloween Treat-icon 50 Treats Halloween Pumpkin Stage 4-icon
Halloween Treat-icon 150 Treats Halloween Pumpkin Complete-icon
Stage Rewards
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

The Halloween Pumpkin is a decoration that transforms as players collect Halloween Treats. After collecting treats the player may use them as a type of currency to get rewards. It was the first event on Treasue Isle where players had to collect items to trade for rewards, which was already a common feature at FarmVille. Clicking on the Halloween Pumpkin would let the player ask for one Golden Pumpkin every 12 hours, and when used, would give the player 5-25 Halloween Treats. At each stage of construction, the Halloween Pumpkin would award the player with a number of Energy items. At placement and at each stage of construction, the player was offered to share Energy items on the News Feed.

  • Unlike other seasonal trade-in booths, this item is no longer functional. All stored currency is lost.

Halloween Treat

Halloween Treat-icon

Golden Pumpkin

Golden Pumpkin-icon

Trade-in Rewards Edit

There were two settings of prizes players could purchase at the Halloween Pumpkin using Halloween Treats. The change was made without previous notice on the game and it is unknown what motivated the change. These were the original prizes:

Jack O'Lantern-icon
He's scared stiff!
Pumpkin and Hay-icon
A bale of hay
An old skull
Scary scarecrow
A haunted mausoleum
150 Treats

The prizes then changed to these:

Golden Pumpkin-icon
Contains a mystery treat!
Jack O'Lantern-icon
He's scared stiff!
4x pineapples!
One of Each Gem-icon
1 of each gem!
An old skull
A haunted mausoleum
150 Treats

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