Happy Land Voyages-icon

Happy Land is one of the Dragon Sailboat Voyages. It requires 2 crew members. This voyage unlocks islands on the Dream Isles Map.

Mastery Edit

Mastery Level Reward Mastery Level Reward
Happy Land Bronze-icon Happy Pastures Reward-icon
Unlocks Happy Pastures
Happy Land Silver-icon Happy Uzumaki Reward-icon
Unlocks Happy Uzumaki
Happy Land Gold-icon Happy Yellow House-icon
Happy Yellow House
Happy Land Platinum-icon Mystery Gift-icon
Mystery Gift

Mastery Rewards Edit


Voyaging Bonuses Edit

Bonus Image XP Reward
Nothing 3 XP
Happy Cakes! Happy Cakes-icon 6 XP
Rainbow Slide Happy Land Rainbow Feed-icon 15 XP
300-1000 Gold


5 XP
Found Love Happy Land Love Feed-icon 15 XP
Dancing Flowers Happy Land Dance Feed-icon 15 XP
Coin Fairy Happy Land Fairy Feed-icon 15 XP
Treasure Trove Once per day* 6 XP
Found Happy Cakes Happy Land Cake Feed-icon 15 XP

* Voyage does not need to be completed to find daily Treasure Trove.

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Message Reward
Happy Land Cake Feed-icon Explorer found some tasty Happy Cakes!
I've brought back some delicious happy cake from happy land!
Happy Cakes-icon
Happy Land Fairy Feed-icon Explorer was visited by the coin fairy!
I've been blessed by the coin fairy! I've got plenty of coins to share!
Happy Land Love Feed-icon Explorer is looking for love in all the right places!
I found love and am in a giving mood!
Happy Land Rainbow Feed-icon Explorer is speeding down a rainbow slide!
Happy Land Dance Feed-icon Explorer can't stop dancing!
They've given me a new name: "Dances With Flowers"!

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