Locked Chests come in four types:

Red Locked Chest-icon
Need red key to unlock it
Rugged Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest
Charming Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest
Royal Chest-icon
A mysterious locked chest

Red Locked Chests and Blue Rugged Chests can be found while using the Wishing Well, Digging or Fishing. The Red Locked Chest strangely enough can also be found inside a Red Locked Chest. The Royal Chest is found inside the Charming Chest, which in turn is found inside the Rugged Chest.

Azure ChestEdit

The Azure Chest is not a locked chest. It is just a Decoration. You can obtain the Azure Chest by turning in the Exceptional Vessels collection. It has also been reported as a reward for opening the Blue Chest Series mentioned here.

Azure Chest-icon


To open a Locked Chest you need either a single Red Chest Key or multiple Blue Chest Keys. The Rugged Chest requires 5 blue keys. The Charming Chest requires 4 blue keys. And the Royal Chest requires only 3 blue keys.

Red Chest Key-icon
Opens a red locked chest!
Island Cash-icon 8
Blue Chest Key-icon
Open a blue locked chest!
Island Cash-icon 3

Keys can be purchased from the store for Island Cash or found inside Locked Chests or by playing the Monkey Nut side-game. They can also be obtained as Trade-in Rewards from certain seasonal Buildings. You can also ask Neighbors for Blue Chest Keys when you first find a Blue Chest, or about every two hours via the inventory menu. Just click on the "Use" button under the chest.

Mystery ChestEdit

Mystery Chest was a pop-up promising that a locksmith would email you the key. Many players reported that the email was never sent and this pop-up was a waste of time.

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