Lost in the Dark Description
Lost in the Dark Victory-icon
-Image © Zynga
This dark and dangerous road has long since fallen into disrepair. Light your way to the lair of the Beast.
Gold Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:48 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:14 days
Coins 4,800 coins
XP-icon 215
Coins 3,000 coins
XP-icon 130
Coins 1,100 coins
XP-icon 50
The Cradle of Atlantis
Lost in the Dark
Broken Down

Tasks Edit

Atlantean Orb-icon Gather 12 Atlantean Orbs. Ask your friends. Cash 36 cash
Atlantean Light-icon Fix 12 Atlantean Lights. Replace each broken orb. Found on Path of Atlantis, each costs Energy-icon 10 energy. Cash 36 cash
Dig up Treasures-icon Dig up all Remaining Treasures. Use the dig hints to find treasure faster! Dig up all 41 buried treasures on Path of Atlantis. Cash 30 cash

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