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Mayan Isles Information
Mayan Isles map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Mayan Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 21 - 24
Extra Requirements Nothing
Islands Divided Land
Sacred River

Antler Island
Mayan Rock
Jaguar Passage
Secret Forest
Serpent Dream

Monkey Mischief
Mayan Isles
Mayan Isles II

Mayan Isles is the fifth map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Replay Cost Chests Requirements
Divided Land Royal Furniture-iconGrand Feast Preparation-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 95 Map Fragment 30 Cash 20 cash or 10 neighbors
Sacred River Fine Weapons-iconCave Explorer Gear-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 120 Map Fragment 20 +/- 37 Level 21
Antler Island Ancient Containers-iconCave Explorer Gear-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 50 Map Fragment 10 Level 22
Jaguar Passage Ancient Containers-iconGod Statues-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 90 Map Fragment 15 Level 23
Mayan Rock Royal Furniture-iconGrand Feast Preparation-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 90 Map Fragment 15 Level 24
Secret Forest Ancient Containers-iconGod Statues-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 80 Map Fragment 25 Coins 10,000 coins
Serpent Dream Royal Furniture-iconGrand Feast Preparation-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 40 Map Fragment 10 Cash 5 cash

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