Mayan Isles II Information
Mayan Isles II map
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Continent Mayan Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 26 - 27
Extra Requirements Nothing
Islands Calm Pools
Misty Swamp
Defiant Stone
Ancient Quarry
Brave Warriors
Lonely Tree
Shadow Garden
Mayan Isles
Mayan Isles II
Mayan Isles III

Mayan Isles II is the sixth map in Treasure Isle that was introduced on April 22nd, 2010. The Map requires Level 26 - Level 27 to explore, 20 Neighbors to unlock the Lonely Tree, Coins 7,500 coins to unlock the brave warriors and Cash 12 cash to unlock the Shadow Garden.

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Replay Cost Chests Requirements
Calm Pools The Lost Hunter-iconCeremonial Items-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 75 Map Fragment 10 +/- 18 Level 26
Misty Swamp The Lost Hunter-iconCeremonial Items-iconFaberge Eggs-icon XP-icon 65 Map Fragment 10 Level 27
Defiant Stone Musical Instruments-iconRoyal Medallions-iconFaberge Eggs-icon XP-icon 80 Map Fragment 10 Level 27
Ancient Quarry Fishing Gear-iconRoyal Medallions-iconQueen's Dowry-icon XP-icon 105 Map Fragment 15 Level 27

Brave Warriors

Musical Instruments-iconRoyal Medallions-iconQueen's Dowry-icon XP-icon 70 Map Fragment 25 +/- 17 Coins 7500 coins
Lonely Tree Musical Instruments-iconCeremonial Items-iconFaberge Eggs-icon XP-icon 90 Map Fragment 30 Cash 35 cash or 20 Neighbors
Shadow Garden The Lost Hunter-iconGrand Feast Preparations-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 110 Map Fragment 35 Cash 12 cash