Mayan Isles III Information
Mayan Isles III map
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Continent Mayan Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 28 - 30
Extra Requirements Nothing
Islands Enchanted Land
Eagle Claw
Mystic Lake
Great Rune
Stony Path
Isle of Time
Hidden Waters
Mayan Isles II
Mayan Isles III
Mayan Gold Rush

Mayan Isles III is the seventh map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Eagle Claw Fishing Gear-iconMayan Weapons-iconQueen's Dowry-icon XP-icon 95 Map Fragment 15 Level 28
Stony Path Fishing Gear-iconMayan Weapons-iconPrince Haritatos's Jewels-icon XP-icon 115 Map Fragment 35 Cash 15 cash
Hidden Waters Mayan Clothing-iconMayan Weapons-iconPrince Haritatos's Jewels-icon XP-icon 60 Map Fragment 10 Coins 5000 coins
Mystic Lake Mayan Clothing-iconThe Lost Explorer-iconPrince Haritatos's Jewels-icon XP-icon 175 Map Fragment 30 Level 29
Isle of Time Mayan Clothing-iconThe Lost Explorer-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 105 Map Fragment 30 Cash 8 cash
Great Rune Fine Weapons-iconThe Lost Explorer-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 105 Map Fragment 15 Level 30
The Enchanted Land Ancient Containers-iconCave Explorer Gear-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 105 Map Fragment 15 Coins 10000 coins