Monkey Business Information
Monkey Business map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Pirate Cove (archipelago)
Level Range 7 - 50
Extra Requirements {{{Requires}}}
Islands Wild and Windy
Good Vibes Jr
Monkey Raid
Banana Split
Banana Cove
Buried Treasure
Ship Graveyard
Mysterious Seas
Monkey Business
Pirate Barricade

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Good Vibes Jr. Hermit Essentials-iconPirate Flags-iconPirate Coins-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 35 +/- 19 Map Fragment 15 Cash 10 cash
Wild and Windy Hermit Essentials-iconBog o' Shells-iconPirate Coins-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 55 +/- 11 Map Fragment 25 Level 7
Banana Cove Lucky Loot-iconEast India Espionage-iconDeity's Schwag-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 160 +/- 16 Map Fragment 20 Cash 18 cash
Monkey Raid Lucky Loot-iconBog o' Shells-iconClassy Equipment-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 100 +/- 28 Map Fragment 50 Level 25
Banana Split Doctor's Kit-iconEast India Espionage-iconDeity's Schwag-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 80 +/-25 Map Fragment 40 Coins 30000 coins
Ship Graveyard Lucky Loot-iconEast India Espionage-iconClassy Equipment-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 80 Map Fragment 40 Level 50
Buried Treasure Hermit Essentials-iconPirate Flags-iconClassy Equipment-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 40 +/- 20 Map Fragment 20 Cash 7 cash

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