Monster Island Voyages-icon

Monster Island is one of the Dragon Sailboat Voyages. It requires 3 crew members. This voyage unlocks islands on the Dream Isles Map.

Mastery Edit

Mastery Level Reward Mastery Level Reward
Monster Island Bronze-icon Green Gargantuan Reward-icon
Unlocks Green Gargantuan
Monster Island Silver-icon Monster Isle Reward-icon
Unlocks Monster Isle
Monster Island Gold-icon Meteor From Planet X-icon
Meteor From Planet X
Monster Island Platinum-icon Mystery Gift-icon
Mystery Gift

Mastery Rewards Edit


Voyaging Bonuses Edit

Bonus Image XP Reward
Nothing 3 XP
Monster Kebab! Monster Kebab-icon 6 XP
Monster Kebabs! Monster Island Kebab Feed-icon 15 XP
300-1000 Gold


5 XP
Free Coins! Monster Island Coins Feed-icon 15 XP
Trouble! Monster Island Zillaosaurus Feed-icon 15 XP
Moth Monster Monster Island Moth Feed-icon 15 XP
Treasure Trove Once per day*
Yummy Eggs! Monster Island Egg Feed-icon 15 XP

* Voyage does not need to be completed to find a daily Treasure Trove.

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Message Reward
Monster Island Kebab Feed-icon Explorer found savory Monster Kebabs!
Monster meat is packed with loads of vitamins and minerals and hardly any radiation!
Monster Kebab-icon
Monster Island Coins Feed-icon Explorer found a stash of coins!
I found this stash of coins on the monster island! I'm sure they didn't belong to anyone.
Monster Island Zillaosaurus Feed-icon Explorer is on the run from Zillaosaurus Rex!
Yikes! I need a little help getting out of this tight spot.
Monster Island Moth Feed-icon Explorer is going for a ride!
Yippe-ki-yay Moth Monster!
Monster Island Egg Feed-icon Explorer found an unhatched monster egg!
Delicious! This will make a great omelet!

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