Mystery Airdrop-icon

Mystery Airdrop is a feature on Treasure Isle. They contain a variety of Limited Edition decorations and animals. They cost Cash 25 cash and contain one of five random prizes. If the player buys five it's not garanteed the player will get all prizes, it's possible to get duplicates.

Mystery Airdrop-icon Apes of the Ages Mystery Airdrop Edit

These are the prizes earned in the first generation of Mystery Airdrops.

Flying Monkey-icon Doctor Zeus-icon Lady Liberty-icon Giant Ape-icon Monkey Kong-icon
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare

Mystery Airdrop Halloween-icon Halloween Mystery Airdrop Edit

Imhotep II-icon Headless Horseman-icon Frankeinstein-icon Wraith-icon Scary Scarecrow-icon
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare

Mystery Airdrop-icon 3rd Mystery Airdrop Edit

Lily Turtle-icon Swan Boat-icon Baby Bunnies-icon Sleeping Pandas-icon Hong-icon
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare

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