Ninja Assassin Voyages-icon

Ninja Assassin is one of the Dragon Sailboat Voyages. It doesn't require crew members. This voyage unlocks islands on the Dream Isles Map.

Mastery Edit

Mastery Level Reward Mastery Level Reward
Ninja Assassin Bronze-icon Ninja Training Reward-icon
Unlocks Ninja Training
Ninja Assassin Silver-icon Ninja Shrine Reward-icon
Unlocks Ninja Shrine
Ninja Assassin Gold-icon Super Ninja-icon
Super Ninja
Ninja Assassin Platinum-icon Mystery Gift-icon
Mystery Gift

Mastery Rewards Edit


Voyaging Bonuses Edit

Bonus Image XP Reward
Nothing 3 XP
Ninja Food! Ninja Food-icon 6 XP
Ninja Thief! Ninja Assassin Bike Feed-icon 15 XP
300-1000 Gold


5 XP
Ninjas Attack! Ninja Assassin Monkey Feed-icon 15 XP
Secret Scrolls! Ninja Assassin Scroll Feed-icon 15 XP
Helpful Geisha! Ninja Assassin Geisha Feed-icon 15 XP
Treasure Trove Once per day* 6 XP
Ninja Sushi! Ninja Assassin Sushi Feed-icon 15 XP

* Voyage does not need to be completed to find daily Treasure Trove.

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Message Reward
Ninja Assassin Sushi Feed-icon Explorer found delicious Ninja Sushi!
This sushi is the perfect food for a boost of energy!
Ninja Food-icon
Ninja Assassin Scroll Feed-icon Explorer found a secret scroll of the Ninja Monkeys!
With a million ninja monkeys, you can get a scroll containing secret martial arts. This is not it.
Ninja Assassin Monkey Feed-icon Explorer encountered Ninja Monkeys and needs help!
Help! Ninja monkeys are disrupting my voyage!
Ninja Assassin Geisha Feed-icon Explorer found a helpful Geisha on the way to Ninja Lair!
I found out some of the deepest secrets of the Ninja Lair.
Ninja Assassin Bike Feed-icon Explorer got their bike stolen by ninjas and needs help!
I saw ninjas riding an awesome bike, but then realized that it's mine!

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