Phoenix Roost Information
Phoenix Roost-icon
-Image © Zynga
Continent Collections Treasures
Tiki World-icon Fossils-iconOlde Type Sports-iconRoman Gods-iconFamous Volcanoes-icon Reward treasurechest 7
XP-icon 95
Map Requirements Replay
Volcano Isles Level 3 Map Fragment 30


Fossils-icon Fossils Brachiosaurus-icon Fossils Mastodon-icon Fossils Sabertooth-icon Fossils TRex-icon Fossils Triceratops-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward coins 1000 gold   XP-icon 30

Olde Type Sports
Olde Type Sports-icon OldeSports Bocce Ball-icon OldeSports Bowling Pins-icon OldeSports Mallet-icon OldeSports Rapier-icon OldeSports Tennis-icon
v  d  e
Uncommon   Reward goldbars 2500 gold   XP-icon 60

Roman Gods
Roman Gods-icon RomanGods Apollo-icon RomanGods Jupiter-icon RomanGods Mars-icon RomanGods Pluto-icon RomanGods Saturn-icon
v  d  e
Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold   XP-icon 100

Famous Volcanoes
Famous Volcanoes-icon Volcanoes Crater Lake-icon Volcanoes Mt St Helens-icon Volcanoes Krakatoa-icon Volcanoes Mauna Loa-icon Volcanoes Vesuvius-icon
v  d  e
Ultra Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold   XP-icon 250

Map InformationEdit

Tool Tiles Energy

Jill Rosenberg 22:36, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

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