Pirate Barricade Information
Pirate Barricade map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Pirate Cove (archipelago)
Level Range 1
Extra Requirements {{{Requires}}}
Islands Pirate Vanguard
Deadman Pass
Construction Isle
Lazy Larder
Reginald's Armory
Stinkeye's Shanty
Monkey Business
Pirate Barricade
Rising Sun Run

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Pirate Vanguard Electronics-iconOrchids-iconDesigner Bags-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 90 +/- 20 Map Fragment 20 Pirate Ship
Lazy Larder Electronics-iconOdd Frogs-iconDesigner Bags-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 105 +/- 30 Map Fragment 20 Pirate Ship
Construction Isle Chameleons-iconMedia Center-iconDaVinci's Sketches-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 80 +/- 20 Map Fragment 15
Deadman Pass Chameleons-iconOdd Frogs-iconKnockoff Watches-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 75 +/- 13 Map Fragment 15
Greenbeard's Field Tan Fashions-iconMedia Center-iconDaVinci's Sketches-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 45 +/- 15 Map Fragment 10
Reginald's Armory Chameleons-iconMedia Center-iconKnockoff Watches-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 90 +/- 21 Map Fragment 20
Stinkeye's Shanty Electronics-iconOrchids-iconKnockoff Watches-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 50 +/- 15 Map Fragment 10

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