Pirate Isles Information
Pirate Isles map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Pirate Cove (archipelago)
Level Range 3 - 75
Extra Requirements
Islands Sharky's Village
Pirate Pub
Monkey's Gold
The Great Battle
Brigand's Cove
Shiverin' Shores
Cities of the Sun
Pirate Isles
Mysterious Seas
Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Sharky's Village Ship Parts-iconCrazy Knots-iconStash o' Blackbeard-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 25 Map Fragment 5 Level 3
Pirate Pub Ship Parts-iconPirate Accesories-iconStash o' Blackbeard-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 50 Map Fragment 10 Level 12
Monkey's Gold Britches n' Stitches-iconFightin' Gear-iconPirate Plunder-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 45 Map Fragment 10
The Great Battle Britches n' Stitches-iconPirate Accesories-iconPirate King's Possessions-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 170 Map Fragment 35 Level 75
Brigand's Cove Good Grub-iconFightin' Gear-iconPirate Plunder-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 40 Map Fragment 10
Invasion! Britches n' Stitches-iconFightin' Gear-iconPirate King's Possessions-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 140 Map Fragment 30 Level 41
Shiverin' Shores Ship Parts-iconPirate King's Possessions-iconCrazy Knots-iconCursed Items-icon XP-icon 130 Map Fragment 25 Level 27

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