Plans are buildings that normally unlocks a feature in the game. They don't come ready for use, the player needs to gather materials to finish them. The materials needed for each plan are different, but all can be acquired by purchasing with cash or as a gift from a friend, also the player can ask for materials posting a request in the wall.

Plans Edit

Pirate Ship Gem Mine Wishing Well Dragon Sailboat Submarine
Pirate Ship Finished-icon Gem Mine Finished-icon Wishing Well Finished-icon Dragon Sailboat Submarine Finished-icon

Planks-icon 5 Planks
Rope-icon 5 Rope
Cloth-icon 5 Cloth
Paint-icon 5 Paint
Nails-icon 5 Nails

Bolts-icon 5 Bolts
Planks-icon 5 Planks
Rope-icon 5 Rope
Pillars-icon 5 Pillars
Gears-icon 5 Gears

Bolts-icon 2 Bolts
Planks-icon 2 Planks
Rope-icon 2 Rope
Pillars-icon 2 Pillars
Paint-icon 2 Paint

Planks-icon 5 Planks
Rope-icon 5 Rope
Cloth-icon 5 Cloth
Resin-icon 5 Resin
Nails-icon 5 Nails

Gold-icon 5 Gold
Glass-icon 5 Glass
Bolts-icon 5 Bolts
Diodes-icon 5 Diodes
Metal-icon 5 Metal

Snow Fort
Snow Fort Finished-icon

Aqua Vitae-icon 8 Aqua Vitae
Packed Snow-icon 8 Packed Snow
Ice-icon 8 Ice
Mittens-icon 8 Mittens
Scarf-icon 3 Scarf
Slush-icon 68 Slush

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