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Halloween Quests Edit

start:10/20/2010 end:11/10/2010

Pumpkin Preparation-icon Witch's Brew-icon Party Monsters-icon Sleepy Undead-icon Monster Bash!-icon
Pumpkin Preparation Witch's Brew Party Monsters Sleepy Undead Monster Bash!

Turtle QuestsEdit

Pesky Seagulls-icon Crazy Crabs-icon Lunch, It's what's for Dinner.-icon Surface-to-Air Shells.-icon Get Off Your Lawn!-icon
Pesky Seagulls Crazy Crabs Lunch, It's what's
for Dinner.
Surface-to-Air Shells. Get Off Your Lawn!

Dolphin QuestsEdit

Dolphin Days-icon
Dolphin Days

Thanksgiving QuestsEdit

start:11/12/2010 end:12/04/2010

Turkey Tots (Quest)-icon Crafty Cornucopias-icon Finalize the Feast-icon
Turkey Tots Crafty Cornucopias Finalize the Feast

Sweepstakes QuestsEdit

Halloween Sweepstakes-icon Treasure Isle Thanksgiving Sweepstakes-icon Valentines Day Sweepstakes-icon 120px 120px
Treasure Isle
Valentines Day
St. Patrick's Day

Garden QuestsEdit

start:11/22/2010 end:12/06/2010

Build Garden-icon Till Garden-icon
Build Garden Till Garden

Submarine QuestsEdit

Superhero's Sub-icon Hero's Sub-icon
Superhero's Sub Hero's Sub

Bermuda QuestsEdit

The Lost Diving Suit-icon King Crab and the Diving Bell-icon Get Diving Certified-icon Help the Mermaids-icon Beacon of Neptune-icon
The Lost Diving Suit King Crab and
the Diving Bell
Get Diving Certified Help the Mermaids Beacon of Neptune

12 Days QuestsEdit

Partridge in a Pear Tree-icon Two Turtle Doves-icon Three French Hens-icon Four Calling Birds-icon Five Golden Rings-icon
Partridge in a Pear Tree Two Turtle Doves Three French Hens Four Calling Birds Five Golden Rings
Six Geese a-Laying-icon Seven Swans a-Swimming-icon Eight Maids a-Milking-icon Nine Ladies Dancing-icon Ten Lords a-Leaping-icon
Six Geese a-Laying Seven Swans a-Swimming Eight Maids a-Milking Nine Ladies Dancing Ten Lords a-Leaping
Eleven Pipers Piping-icon Twelve Drummers Drumming-icon
Eleven Pipers Piping Twelve Drummers Drumming

Cities of the Sun QuestsEdit

Saving the Coatlmundi-icon The Coatlmundi Trail-icon The Coatlmundi Trail 2-icon Feeding Coatlmundi-icon Making Coatlmundi Friends-icon
Saving the Coatlmundi The Coatlmundi Trail The Coatlmundi Trail 2 Feeding Coatlmundi Making Coatlmundi Friends
A Coatlmundi Home (Finale)-icon
A Coatlmundi Home (Finale)

North Pole QuestsEdit

Sleigh Down!-icon Polar Bearing Gifts-icon Special Delivery (quest)-icon Naughty or Nice-icon Mrs. Claus Gets Her Groove Back-icon
Sleigh Down! Polar Bearing Gifts Special Delivery (quest) Naughty or Nice Mrs. Claus Gets Her Groove Back

Atlantis QuestsEdit

The Cradle of Atlantis-icon Lost in the Dark-icon Broken Down-icon Fight the Sea Monster-icon An Open Door to Atlantis-icon
The Cradle of Atlantis Lost in the Dark Broken Down Fight the Sea Monster An Open Door to Atlantis

Expand Your IslandEdit

Stake Your Claim-icon Start Construction-icon Grand Opening Ceremony-icon
Stake Your Claim Start Construction Grand Opening Ceremony

Gate of Atlantis QuestsEdit

Pirate Pearls in Perils-icon Deep Pearl Diver-icon Diver Down-icon Pearly Gate-icon
Pirate Pearls in Perils Deep Pearl Diver Diver Down Pearly Gate

Tower QuestsEdit

Tiki Foundation-icon Mayan Masonry-icon Pirate Placement-icon Ornate Orient-icon Atlantean Allure-icon
Tiki Foundation Mayan Masonry Pirate Placement Ornate Orient Atlantean Allure
Tower Relic Refinement-icon
Tower Relic Refinement

Valentines Day QuestsEdit

Six Days to Go-icon Six Days to Go-icon Six Days to Go-icon Six Days to Go-icon Six Days to Go-icon
Six Days to Go Five Days to Go Four Days to Go Three Days to Go Two Days to Go
Six Days to Go-icon
Last Day of Love

Arctic Isles QuestsEdit

On the Diamond Trail-icon Lost in Snow-icon Uncovering the Entrance-icon
On the Diamond Trail Lost in Snow Uncovering the Entrance

T-Mobile QuestsEdit

US only: 2-15-2011 to 2-28-2011

The legendary secret of T-Mobile and its 4G speed-icon
The legendary secret of T-Mobile and its 4G speed

Radio Tower QuestsEdit

Establishing Contact-icon A Mysterious Message-icon Can You Hear Me Now-icon Drop It Like It's Hot!-icon
Establishing Contact A Mysterious Message Can You Hear Me Now? Drop It Like It's Hot!

Kiwi QuestsEdit

Searching for Kiwis-icon 120px 120px 120px 120px
Searching for Kiwis Searching for Kiwi Eggs On the Trail of the Kiwi Your Kiwi is on Another Island Return of the Kiwi

St. Patrick's Day QuestsEdit

Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon
Ten Days to Go Nine Days to Go Eight Days to Go Seven Days to Go Six Days to Go
Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon Ten Days to Go-icon
Five Days to Go Four Days to Go Three Days to Go Two Days to Go The Final Day

Diamond of the North QuestsEdit

Frozen in Time-icon A Dark Discovery-icon 120px
Frozen in Time A Dark Discovery Going Deep

Jellyfish QuestsEdit

Jellyfish Incoming-icon Stinging Situation-icon 120px
Jellyfish Incoming! Stinging Situation Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Time!

Ruby of the Fire God QuestsEdit

Find the Map to the Ruby-icon 120px 120px
Find the Map to the Ruby Island of the Ruby Volcano Into the Heart

Cursed Emerald of the Maya QuestsEdit

Untamed Lands-icon 120px 120px 120px
Untamed Lands Cursed Skies The Cursed City Cursed Emerald Bonus!

Eye of Reginald QuestsEdit

Infiltrate the Pirate Base-icon Infiltrate the Pirate Base-icon Infiltrate the Pirate Base-icon 120px
Infiltrate the Pirate Base Desert Island Hideaway Pirate Pursuit Reggie's Bonus Quest

Clothing Accessories QuestsEdit

Adventurers Wear Hats!

Enchanted Tree QuestsEdit

Sapling Savior-icon Sapling Savior-icon Sapling Savior-icon Sapling Savior-icon Sapling Savior-icon
Sapling Savior Moon Over My Tree Strike A Cord A Smelly Guest The Brush Off
Sapling Savior-icon
Unicorn Haven

Spring Substitute Quests (Easter Quests)Edit

120px Peter Capytail!?-icon 120px
Neither Hide nor Hare Peter Capytail!? Ears Make the Rabbit

Treasure Planet QuestsEdit

120px Quiet on Set!-icon Stars of the Show-icon 120px
Location Scoutung Begins Quiet on Set! Stars of the Show Lights, Camera, Actions!

Pinatas QuestsEdit

Primero Dia-icon 120px 120px 120px 120px
Primero Dia Segundo Dia Tercer Dia Cuarto Dia Quinto Dia

Atlantis City QuestsEdit

Squid Squires-icon Acquittal of Artisans-icon 120px 120px 120px
Squid Squires Acquittal of Artisans A Valve not Lost Poseidon's Prize King's Bonus

Pharaoh QuestsEdit

Pharaoh 1Edit

Help A Pharaoh Out-icon 120px I'd Kill for A Kilt-icon
Help A Pharaoh Out A Kilt for All Seasons I'd Kill for A Kilt

Pharaoh 2: Golden SandalsEdit

Bribery Coast-icon Bribery Coast-icon Bribery Coast-icon
Bribery Coast If The Sandal Fits Return of The Sandals

Pharaoh 3: Bloodhound BayEdit

Trail Tracker-icon
Trail Tracker

The Star of Atlantis QuestsEdit

Star Struck-icon Star Struck-icon Star Struck-icon
Star Struck So Close Yet So Star The Sky is Falling

Baby Fruit Bats QuestsEdit

Baby Fruit Bats-icon Baby Fruit Bats-icon Baby Fruit Bats-icon Baby Fruit Bats-icon Baby Fruit Bats-icon
Isle of Masks I Can Hear Them Battling Food For the Hunt Here Comes the Bat-man To the Bat Cave

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