Red Locked Chest
Red Locked Chest-icon
Need red key to unlock it

The Red Locked Chest is a Rare item that can be found by Digging or using the Wishing Well.

Dialog Edit

Locked Chest-ss

How To Open ItEdit

Chests you have found will be located in your Backpack. The Red Locked Chest requires one Red Chest Key to open. When you first find the chest, you will be asked to either "Store" it in your Backpack or to "Buy and Unlock" it for Island Cash-icon 8. Unlike the Rugged Chest and Charming Chest, you cannot ask for any key from friends. Red Chest Keys can also be purchased at the Store.

Red Chest Key-icon
Opens a red locked chest!
Island Cash-icon 8
2 Keys-icon
Opens red locked chests!
Island Cash-icon 15
5 Keys-icon
Opens red locked chests!
Island Cash-icon 36

Red Chest Keys are also a Trade-in Reward for 20 Snowflakes at the Snowman. They can also be found inside the Rugged Chest and probably the Charming Chest, and by playing the Monkey Nut side-game.


Red Locked Chests contain a large variety of items, both rare and common. The initial dialog screen that pops up shows items like the Garden Plot, Fire Dig packs, and key packs containing both Map Fragments and Golden Tickets. These are rare prizes only and should not be expected in each chest. Common reported prizes range from the useful Golden Pineapple to the disappointing Sleepy Monkey. It is also reported that single Red Chest Keys and even another Red Locked Chest can be inside, which is very, very disappointing.

Image Item Value
Golden Banana-icon Golden Banana
Golden Mango-icon Golden Mango
Golden Coconut-icon Golden Coconut
Golden Pineapple-icon Golden Pineapple
Life Dock-icon Life Dock
Garden Plot-icon Garden Plot
Fire Dig-icon Fire Dig
Golden Ticket-icon Golden Ticket
Sleepy Monkey-icon Sleepy Monkey
Dragonfruit-icon Dragonfruit
Island Cash-icon Island Cash
Map Fragment-icon Map Fragment
Dock-icon Dock
Blue Chest Key-icon Blue Chest Key
Red Chest Key-icon Red Chest Key
1 of Each Gem-icon 1 of Each Gem
Cloud-icon Cloud
Red Locked Chest-icon Red Locked Chest
Koi Pond-icon Koi Pond
Energy Capsule-icon Energy Capsule
Fishnet Dock-icon Fishnet Dock
5 Keys-icon Red Chest Key x5
Chair Dock-icon Chair Dock

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