Rising Sun Run Information
Rising Sun Run map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Asian Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 1-150
Extra Requirements {{{Requires}}}
Islands Fuji Isle
Snowy Glade
Sacred Shrine
Tanuki Forest
The Master Artist
Peaceful Monastary
Sushi Shack
Pirate Barricade
Rising Sun Run
Mythical Voyages

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
The Master Artist Fetching Flowers-iconSushi-iconGeisha Adornments-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 50 25 Map Fragment 25 Cash 10 cash
Sacred Shrine Fetching Flowers-iconNecklace Parts-iconGeisha Adornments-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 25 8 Map Fragment 10 Level 150
Fuji Isle Instruments-iconSilk-iconOrigami-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 50 18 Map Fragment 25
Snowy Glade Instruments-iconNecklace Parts-iconBonsai Trees-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 45 12-14 Map Fragment 20
Sushi Shack Samurai Gear-iconSilk-iconOrigami-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 30 +/- 13 Map Fragment 15 Cash 16 cash
Tanuki Forest Samurai Gear-iconSilk-iconBonsai Trees-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 55 16 Map Fragment 25 Level 41
Peaceful Monastary Fetching Flowers-iconSushi-iconBonsai Trees-iconNecklaces of Power-icon XP-icon 55 Map Fragment 25 Cash 20 cash

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