Shadowed Swamps Information
Shadowed Swamps-icon
-Image © Zynga
Continent Collections Treasures
100px Reward treasurechest Candy Cauldron
Altering Accents
Creepy Crawlies
Petty Pranks
XP-icon 400
Map Requirements Replay
Map Fragment 25

Map Information Edit

Map Energy Cost
File:Shadowed Swamps-map.png
Tool Tiles Energy
Steelshovel-icon Plains (Halloween)-iconx158 Shore (Halloween)-iconx43 Swamp (Halloween)-iconx84 Stick-iconx2 Energy-icon 1435 energy
Machete-icon Small Pine Tree (Halloween)-iconx2 Medium Pine Tree (Halloween)-iconx6 Large Pine Tree (Halloween)-iconx7 Short Leafy Bush-iconx7 Leafy Bush-iconx5 Mushroom-iconx1 Mushrooms-iconx2 Spooky Tree (Halloween)-iconx1 Twisted Tree-iconx2 Scary Tree-iconx1 Skull Flower-iconx6 Energy-icon 280 energy
Magnifying Glass-icon Swampy-iconx1 Energy-icon ?? energy
Treasures Gates
Candy Cauldron
Candy Cauldron-icon CandyCauldron Butter Scotch Drops-icon CandyCauldron Candy Apple-icon CandyCauldron Candy Corn-icon CandyCauldron Chocolate Bar-icon CandyCauldron Peanut Butter Cups-icon
v  d  e
Common   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 30

Altering Accents
Altering Accents-icon AlteringAccents Ears-icon AlteringAccents Eyes-icon AlteringAccents Mask-icon AlteringAccents Nose-icon AlteringAccents Teeth-icon
v  d  e
Uncommon   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 60

Creepy Crawlies
Creepy Crawlies-icon CreepyCrawlies Rat-icon CreepyCrawlies Black Cat-icon CreepyCrawlies Snake-icon CreepyCrawlies Spider-icon CreepyCrawlies Worm-icon
v  d  e
Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 100

Petty Pranks
Petty Pranks-icon PettyPranks Eggs-icon PettyPranks Firecracker-icon PettyPranks Flaming Bag-icon PettyPranks Smoke Bomb-icon PettyPranks Toilet Paper-icon
v  d  e
Ultra Rare   Reward treasurechest 10000 gold     XP-icon 250
Gem Color Gates
Red Gem-icon Gemgate Pirate5 Redx1 Gemgate Pirate5 Bluex1 Mosquito-iconx15
Blue Gem-icon Gemgate Pirate5 Bluex1 Gemgate Pirate5 Greenx1
Green Gem-icon Gemgate Pirate5 Greenx1 Gemgate Pirate5 Orangex1
Orange Gem-icon Gemgate Pirate5 Orangex1 Gemgate Pirate5 Purplex1
Purple Gem-icon Gemgate Pirate5 Purplex1 Gemgate Pirate5 Redx1

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