Sharktooth Necklaces
Sharktooth Necklaces-icon
-Image © Zynga
CollectionsGreat White
Tiger Shark
Thresher Shark
Nurse Shark
IslandsTiki Isles II:
Tranquil Beach
Hula Village
Secret Lagoon
Tiki Isles IV:
King’s Gauntlet
Deep Waters
CoinsCoins 10000 coins
XPXP-icon 100
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The Sharktooth Necklaces set is a set of treasures consisting of five collectibles: Great White, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, Thresher Shark, and a Nurse Shark.

Treasures Edit

Great White
SharkTooth GreatWhite-icon
-Image © Zynga
A tooth fairy's nightmare.
Tiger Shark
SharkTooth TigerShark-icon
-Image © Zynga
Poor shark needs braces now.
SharkTooth Hammerhead-icon
-Image © Zynga
Another trip to the dentist.
Thresher Shark
SharkTooth ThresherShark-icon
-Image © Zynga
Great. Now he needs dentures.
Nurse Shark
SharkTooth NurseShark-icon
-Image © Zynga
At least she got a gold tooth replacement.

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