Sleepy Undead Description
Sleepy Undead Victory-icon
-Image © Zynga
Dracula's sleeping late! You'll need to get past a horde of vampires to find him!
Gold Reward
Complete in:24 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:48 Hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:240 Hours
Coins 350 coins
XP-icon 40
Coins 210 coins
XP-icon 24
Coins 140 coins
XP-icon 16
Party Monsters
Sleepy Undead
Monster Bash!

Sleepy Undead is the fourth quest of the Halloween Bonus Quests.

Tasks Edit

Garlic-icon Get 4 Garlic Ask friends for Garlic. The Garlic is used to pass Vampire Gates and reach Dracula's Coffin. Unlock for Cash 8 cash
Coffin-icon Find Dracula. Search Dracula's Coffin on Dracula's Digs, costs Energy-icon 30 energy Unlock for Cash 8 cash

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