Snow Fort Finished-icon

The Snow Fort is a building that lets the player throw snowballs at friends, these snowballs give the friend a bonus when they clean their forts, the bonus is based on what type of ball is throw. There are four different balls to choose from but the player may only select higher level balls if they upgrade their forts using materials.

Materials Edit

These are the total for the 3 ball upgrades:

Snowballs and Rewards Edit

These are the snowballs and the rewards it gives to the friend that is hit, also the level in which they are unlocked:

Balls White ball-icon
White ball
Yellow ball-icon
Yellow ball
Rainbow ball-icon
Rainbow ball
Kiss ball-icon
Kiss ball
Reward XP-icon 1 Coins 100 coins XP-icon 3 Fruit
Unlocked at Stage 1
(no upgrade)
Stage 2 Stage 3 Final Stage

Daily BonusEdit

In addition to sharing bonuses with your Neighbors by pelting them with snowballs, your fort needs to be cleaned off every day. Cleaning off your fort works just like other harvestable Relics and provides a random bonus:

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Snow Fort Stage 1-icon
Aqua Vitae-iconx1 Packed Snow-iconx1 Ice-iconx1 Mittens-iconx1 Scarf-iconx1 Slush-iconx3
Stage 2
Snow Fort Stage 2-icon
Aqua Vitae-iconx2 Packed Snow-iconx2 Ice-iconx2 Mittens-iconx2 Scarf-iconx1 Slush-iconx15
Stage 3
Snow Fort Stage 3-icon
Aqua Vitae-iconx5 Packed Snow-iconx5 Ice-iconx5 Mittens-iconx5 Scarf-iconx1 Slush-iconx50
Snow Fort Finished-icon

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